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Data Center

Exclusive Data Centre Solutions for Your Company

If you seek complete customizations of your Data Center design, we will help you at every step of setting it up. Our professional association with the leaders of the industry has given us the experience and expertise to deal with hardware issues for small, mid-sized and large-scale organizations.


Cater To You!

We develop superior quality hardware solutions towards server and storage hardware to help you fulfil your needs. Our methods enable complete customization with end application and solution longevity kept in mind. With specificity of solutions reigning supreme, we also take into consideration the long-term efficiency of the solutions that we belt out.


More Power to You via Efficient End-to-End Services

Our end-to-end services are designed to deliver for every possible data centre size. We are there with you at every step of the process, right from setting up the data centres to taking complete care of the facility delivered by us. With Esconet Technologies in the picture, you can now put your worries to rest.


Integrated Cloud Solutions for Your Data Centre

We understand that progress in any form is a huge leap forward for every company, however it is not imperative to extend the budget off limits. At minimal costs, we offer customized solutions for a highly reliable and energy efficient resolution. All this is done by our eminent service and design staff with high professional values who are experts in creating a true business with highly optimized data centres.


Optimized Ownership Costs

Our array of experience with a number of valued clients has enabled us to develop potent solutions at par with the industry standards. The solutions aid in minimizing business costs, without having to oust financial standards of the fiscal year. Our recommended services are not only efficient and cost effective, but are also responsible for reducing the power consumed by the data centre and reduce the overall cost of ownership.


Solutions at Par with Current Industry Standards

Esconet specializes in providing potent solutions tailor-made to suit industry standards. The highly customizable services include render farms and game servers, high performance cloud computing, oil and gas exploration, data solutions and laboratories.