data center


For a chance at assured entrepreneurial success, any given institution must have a sound network setup. At Esconet Technologies, we are ever at your service to provide just that. We believe in delivering high-end user experience boosting solutions based on private networks with the simultaneous management of fast speed and futuristic interconnectivity. To be able to deliver the best, we hire only the most learned and experienced Cisco Certified consultants with aptitude in all forms of networking needs. Thus, when you hire us, we help you set up LAN, WAN and even wireless networking technologies. Our work does not end in mere installation of facilities. We take full responsibility in upgrading, supporting and even troubleshooting for problems. With EsconetTechnologies, a superior quality, high-functioning and efficiency based networking system is given. We will help you come up with customized networking solutions to suit your specific needs and function like an industry-leader!

Services Offered

We offer a complete network design facility, to help you map out the entire network of your organization. We will design, brainstorm and work out the details of your existing network, to see how best it can be improved upon, without increasing your expenses.

We also offer switches for educational institutions and SMB's, switches for Enterprise segments and full networking support including WAN setup, enterprise segmentation and WAN equipment troubleshooting. In addition, we also regulate the common task automation in switches and facilitate the inclusion of virtual integrated system.