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The Pioneers in Server Virtualization: A Journey Spanning Over Two Decades
At Esconet Technologies, we pride ourselves on not just offering server virtualization solutions but being an integral part of its evolution. Tracing our roots to Electro Sales Corporation, we were among the early adopters of this transformative technology. Guided by our esteemed partner Intel—the pioneers in hardware-assisted virtualization through their Intel VT-x technology—we honed our skills on VMware's ESX 2.5. Our expertise was manifested when we executed our first production-grade project on ESXi 3.0 at a premier private education institution in India.
What is Server Virtualization?
Server Virtualization is a groundbreaking technology that enables multiple virtual servers to operate on a single physical server. This decouples software from hardware, revolutionizing IT into Software-Defined Data Centers (SDDCs) and serving as the foundation for public clouds
Why Esconet is Your Optimal Choice?
Historical Expertise: Our extensive experience as early adopters positions us uniquely in understanding the intricacies of the server virtualization landscape.
Optimized Resources
Achieve higher ROI by transforming physical servers into multiple virtual instances, thereby maximizing resource utilization and cost savings. Improved Performance In partnership with industry leaders like VMware and Intel, we assure optimal performance and reliability, finely tuned for quick application responses.
High Availability
Our solutions provide native high availability for virtual servers, protecting them from hardware failure and enhancing overall organizational productivity.
Easier Backup and Portability
With virtualization, each component resides on a shared block storage as a file, simplifying backup processes and enabling effortless portability across hardware types.
Ease of Management
Our user-friendly management console allows for effortless administration of thousands of virtual servers.
Security and Compliance - Leveraging multi-layered security protocols, we ensure your virtualized infrastructure is secure and compliant with industry standards.
Scalability and Flexibility
Our solutions are designed to grow with your business needs, supporting high-performance storage and high-capacity compute servers.
Software-Defined Everything - In sync with technological trends, we offer comprehensive software-defined solutions, spanning from storage to networking and even desktop and application virtualization.
24/7 Support
Our expert team stands ready to assist you at all hours, backed by a track record of successful implementations across various sectors.
Powered by HexaData
Our proprietary brand, HexaData, manufactures Servers, Data Storage Systems, and Supercomputers that are optimized for virtualized and software-defined environments, ensuring unparalleled performance and reliability.
Prepare for Tomorrow, Today
Esconet Technologies Limited welcomes you to join us on this transformative journey. With our deeply rooted expertise and visionary solutions, we are committed to steering your business towards an efficient, secure, and scalable future.
For more information on our Server Virtualization Solutions, please reach out to our team of solution experts today.
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